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Product Search


You can find out our products by different searching methods.

1. Product Name ¨C You can type the whole name or just one word of the name(s) of one chemical or a series of chemicals to find one or a series of products. For example, if you type 3,8-Dibromo-1,10-phenanthroline, you will get the product: 3,8-Dibromo-1,10-phenanthroline, CAT# PHEN402, CAS# [100125-12-0]. A special structural feature can help you find a series of compounds that share the feature. For example, if you search fluorothieno, you will find the following compounds.

To find metal complexes, you may search the metal atom - if you type iridium, you will get all the chemicals that contain iridium. You may also search a part of a word within a chemical name, e.g., iridi to get the same searching result.

2. Short Name ¨C Short names (e.g., acronyms or trade names) have been assigned to some chemicals by us or by others. If you know the short name of a chemical, just choose "Short Name" search. Please note that the subscript/superscript is not searchable. You only need to type two or more uninterrupted letters before or after the subscript/superscript. For example, to search Ir(piq)2(acac), you may type Ir, Ir(piq), piq, (piq) or acac; to search BDT derivatives, typing BDT will generate the following results.

3. CAT# ¨C If you know our catalog number of a chemical, please use the "CAT#" search. For example, if you type BIPY037, you will get 4,4ĄŻ-Bis(ethoxycarbonyl) -2,2ĄŻ-bipyridine; if you type BIPY only, you will get the whole collection of 2,2ĄŻ-bipyridine derivatives. Similarly, by typing CN or PHEN, you will find all the cyclometalating C^N ligands or 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives. Please note that we have certain rules for generating the catalog numbers. However, there are always situations in which one rule is broken in order to follow another rule(s). For example, searching IN will lead to a long list of chemicals, which we consider to be intermediates. But you may not find all the intermediates because some may more properly fall into other categories.

4. CAS# ¨C CAS# or CAS RN represents Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number, which is uniquely assigned to a specific chemical by the American Chemical Society and indexed in Chemical Abstracts published by Chemical Abstracts Service in the US. CAS numbers are used widely for accurate identification and quick search of chemicals/materials. For example, if you know the CAS# 207739-72-8 of Spiro-MeOTAD, you may search it by this number to find the 1H NMR, MSDS and related literature information from our database.

Since SunaTech manufactures and supplies many newly reported chemicals, your failure to finding out the chemical(s) does not necessarily mean that SunaTech does not have the chemical(s). Please try other searching modes (e.g., Product Name), or submit the CAS number with relevant information to us.