A chemistry company that keeps its eyes on innovative technologies.

About Us

Located in bioBAY of the Suzhou Industrial Park, 50 miles (80 km) to the west of Shanghai, SunaTech Inc. is a research intensive company aiming at the development of specialty chemicals and materials for a number of advanced technological sectors, such as bioanalytics, medical diagnostics, organic optoelectronics, organic display and organic photovoltaics etc.

As manifested in our product catalog, we supply some chemicals that customers can hardly find elsewhere. We even produce something that researchers are probably thinking about only in their next publications and/or inventions. We also deliver products made to customers' specifications (i.e., custom synthesis and contract research).

In order for us to remain at the forefront of the scientific and technological trends and to meet our customers' unmet needs, SunaTech has assembled a team of scientists with both industrial and academic backgrounds. Our scientists always keep their eyes on innovative technologies and their impacts on our R&D and business activities. Such a state of preparedness enables us to respond promptly and properly to a market condition. It won't be a surprise if SunaTech Inc. one day becomes Suna Life Sciences, or Suna Diagnostics, SunaSolar, Suna-OLED or Suna Lab Disposables.

While striving to serve its customers with high quality products and professional services, SunaTech regards its employees as the most valuable asset. With world-class synthetic laboratories, SunaTech provides a safe and stimulating working environment for its employees.