A chemistry company that keeps its eyes on innovative technologies.


SunaTech Inc. is very proud of its employees and its culture that has been created by its employees since its incorporation. Employees with SunaTech are also proud of what they have achieved in both their professional and their personal lives. Various opportunities, such as training, promotion, conference/exhibition participation have been offered to employees who want to advance themselves in the course of their career development. While SunaTech realizes that the more its employees enjoy working with it, the more easily they overcome technical and business obstacles; its employees agree that business ethics is more important than anything else in business.

SunaTech Inc. keeps looking for the best candidates to meet its operation needs. Both experienced individuals and fresh graduates are encouraged to submit applications for or inquiries about career opportunities. Those who best fit SunaTech¡¯s needs and culture will be contacted by our HR manager.

The following positions are currently open.

1. Senior synthetic chemists.

2. Synthetic chemists.

3. Marketing and sales persons.

4. Administration assistants.

Please contact us by writing emails to [email protected].